The project

Refugees to Refugees (R2R) Call Center:

A cooperative project of solidarity from refugees to refugees

The project is being initiated by refugees of different nationalities and developed closely with the solidarity people.

It aims to support refugees in their struggles, prevent social exclusion and promote the empowerment and integration of refugees into the wider communities where they are living, either on a temporary or a more permanent basis.

Refugees2refugees call center is part of an international network of cooperative call centers that is being developed as one of the self-organised infrastructures of FairCoop, the Earth Cooperative for a Fair Economy.


The R2R call center will provide support services for refugees regarding their everyday life issues in Greece (e.g. housing, medical, asylum, legal) together with any need of info related to people in transit and those living in Greece, through an online chat service and a phone line.

This service will be an important milestone, because it is being developed by refugees themselves who speak the same language and have been through the same difficult experiences in transit. We hope that this can bring a level of trust and sincere collaboration among the people who contact and the people who work for refugees2refugees call center services.

We want to coordinate and interact with numerous individuals and collective initiatives throughout Greece and abroad, to strengthen our solidarity to refugees and migrants and to be able to respond to all the common struggles together.