Asylum in Greece: What are the options?

Asylum in Greece: What are the options?


Any foreigner or stateless person will apply for asylum in Greece.

You can apply for international protection if you are afraid to return to your country or country where you are or if you feel that you are in danger of suffering harm because of your race, religion, nationality, political orientation or affiliation to a particular social group.

You can also apply for asylum if you are fleeing from war, torture and / or inhumane treatment.

But keep in mind that following the entry into force of the EU-Turkey Agreement of 18 March 2016, there are different procedures for asylum applicants who arrived before and after 20 March 2016.

# 1 - If you arrived in Greece before the 20th of March 2016:

If you have not registered an initial application for asylum in the Greek asylum service (GAS) you can still register your application by contacting the Greek asylum service through Skype on a schedule according to the language you speak;
If you are already registered in June and July you will be contacted for full registration with the Greek asylum service. You can find out about your appointment by checking the lists in the official hosting sites or by visiting
# 2- If you arrive in Greece after the 20th of March 2016:

You may express your intention to seek asylum in Greece by giving permission to the police or to the authorities at the reception and identification center at the center where you were hosted and will in turn notify the Greek asylum service (GAS);
You should always inform the authorities if you are a minor or underweight;
However, the Greek authorities will first consider the possibility of your return to Turkey in accordance with the agreement between the EU and Turkey, but you can appeal the decision to return to Turkey;
If the Greek authorities decide that your asylum application can be examined, you will remain in Greece until the final decision regarding your asylum application is made and you will proceed with the 'normal' asylum procedure.
For more information on asylum procedures in Greece, visit the following link: