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The return of 1,100 people under the EU and Turkey

New data (Greek only) shows that as of 20 April 2017, approximately 1,100 people were repatriated to Turkey under the EU-Turkey Migration Agreement in March 2016.

Last week's retaliations took place when Greek authorities repatriated 60 migrants and asylum seekers from the Greek islands to Turkey on April 20 under the EU and Turkey were refused.

Of the total, 56 were Pakistani nationals, three from Bangladesh and one from Nepal.

The possibility of transport for the two arrivals after the EU agreement with Turkey

Currently, only citizens or stateless persons who previously resided in Antigua, Barbuda, Bahrain, British colonies and territories abroad, Eritrea, Grenada, Guatemala, Syria and Yemen are eligible for resettlement.

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Asylum in Greece: What are the options?

Any foreigner or stateless person will apply for asylum in Greece.

You can apply for international protection if you are afraid to return to your country or country where you are or if you feel that you are in danger of suffering harm because of your race, religion, nationality, political orientation or affiliation to a particular social group.

You can also apply for asylum if you are fleeing from war, torture and / or inhumane treatment.

Turkish Coast Guard arrests about 200 people

Quoting the Protothema newspaper: The Turkish Coast Guard stopped two boats reported to be heading to the Greek islands in the East Aegean Sea.

199 refugees and migrants were found on board.

The boats were held near the coast of Izmir province. One of the boats carried the Italian flag and was believed to be sailing towards the Greek island of Chios.

The Turkish Coast Guard said 157 of them were from Pakistan, 37 from Syria, three from Sri Lanka and two from Iran. Of those found on boats, 175 were men, 8 women and 16 children.

Mosalas praises asylum service in Greece

Greek Immigration Policy Minister Yiannis Mosalas told the parliament that about 12,000 people had been transferred from Greece to other EU member states.

"The system has become more effective," he said, adding that the Greek asylum service had managed to reunite 6,500 families, while 6,500 people had voluntarily returned to their country of origin. He said asylum applications had reached 56,000.

"It is a valuable service," he said, adding that a total of 25,000 people had found a better life than they would receive in Greece.

Study: "waste" 70 percent of the funds of aid to Greece

The money spent on the refugee disaster in Greece is estimated at a total of 803 million US dollars, according to a detailed study.

The money spent on the refugee disaster in Greece is estimated at a total of 803 million US dollars, according to a detailed study.

This means all the money spent in Greece since 2015, including all the funds actually disbursed or disbursed, and all the substantial contributions from individual countries and from the European Union as a whole in addition to massive private donations.

Chyos: Two men sentenced under anti-racism law

Two people, Matthaus Mirmogosis Anastasios Komatas, were arrested on Thursday in Khyos island on April 20 and were charged with a variety of charges in court on April 24 for attacking asylum-seekers.

Matthaus Mermogosis was charged under anti-racist laws for assaulting a group of Syrian and Iraqi refugees while impersonating a police officer.

He was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment, a three-year suspended sentence and a fine of 5,000 euros.

His partner Anastasios Komatas was sentenced to seven months in prison for assaulting a Syrian man.

No new arrivals have been recorded in the last 24 hours

(ANA-MPA): 19 As of 19 April, no refugees or migrants had arrived in the Greek islands of the northern Aegean Sea in the past 24 hours.

Police officials said a total of 8,653 people had been registered in the island camps pending a decision on their asylum claims.

There are 3,167 people in Lesvos, 3,708 in Chios and 1,778 in Samos, out of a total of some 13,000 refugees and migrants on Greek islands.

UNHCR: Asylum-seekers need legal means to enter the European Union

After the tragic sinking of a boat off the coast of Lesvos in which at least 16 people were killed, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called for finding safe and legal ways for asylum seekers trying to reach Greece and the Union countries Other European countries.

Philip Leclerc, the UNHCR representative in Greece, said that although the number of people crossing from Turkey to Greece has decreased significantly, this recent tragedy shows that asylum seekers continue to face serious risks of reaching the Greek islands.

"Asylum seekers waiting" in the Greek islands

The Greek NGO AITIMA has issued a new report (Greek only) on asylum procedures in Greece, with particular emphasis on violations occurring in the Greek islands following the Euro-Turkish agreement.

In its report entitled "Asylum Seekers on Hold", AITIMA noted that many problems are common both in the mainland and on the islands, including: