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EU spends more on the immigration crisis

Reuters said that the EU countries have agreed to cut off funding for poorer regions within the Union, which means raising the proportion of refugees, economic growth and private spending by 25% of the total 7.4 billion euros. The money is taken out through Tkhvadhan 24% of the special EU programs less developed areas. Considers the EU eastern biggest beneficiary, but diplomats fear those countries regarded the decision as a punishment for these countries for refusing to receive refugees on its territory may mean larger amounts deductible in the future.

The possibility of granting citizenship to the Syrians in Turkey

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet: Turkish government made it clear that there are no plans to grant Turkish citizenship before the referendum, which will take place in April 16 / April, which will decide how they will govern their country.

This prevents any negative feedback could be taken on the issue of sexual referendum.

But officials said it could grant citizenship to thousands of Syrians after the referendum, there are already candidates in the records waiting to supplement the proceedings.

Greek hospitals, accusing Deal psychological harm to refugees

Quoting the Guardian newspaper: A new report from the human rights advocacy group, the Greek Action for Human Rights Organization that women Soeriat and Afghan women left traumatized by the forced medical procedures and the lack of support during the birth, including the non-use of translators and escorts ban from attending Birth.

The charges include Caesarean births done without the consent and not to use painkillers when needed.

Assistance in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages is a global non-governmental organization that aims to protect the rights of the child, based in the city of Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Target group are children, with a particular focus on children without facilities, and young people (especially females), and mothers accompanying their children (especially malnourished), pregnant women, and adults who need medical assistance or any other forms of support to save their lives.

Commission: There are more risks in access to Greece and the Balkans

She noted the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) in a new report that increased border restrictions introduced in 2016 forced migrants and refugees for a more versatile and dangerous trips to get to Europe.

UNHCR said the closure of the Balkans by the agreement between the EU and Turkey in March / March 2016 to reduce the number of arrivals to Greece and the Balkans, but migrants and refugees are still trying to move along the road west of the Balkans.

With regard to Greece and the Balkans:

Cases to seek asylum in Austria: more restrictions

Database issued asylum (AIDA information) a new series of updated reports about the chances of getting asylum in various countries in Europe, including Austria.

The Austrian authorities in the month of June of 2016 to make radical changes to the asylum through Amending the Law on foreign law system.

The new report appears to base asylum the following data:

Flourishing slave trade between the migrants in Libya

According to Guardian: investigation revealed that immigrants from Africa, sub-Saharan end up slavery when they try to transit through to Pippa and crossing the Mediterranean to Europe.

He said many of the immigrants interviewed Guardian that they had been robbed, beatings and sexual abuse, and imprisonment by the Libyan militias in the war-torn country.

The work of smuggling gangs and local warlords in the buying and selling of slaves publicly or holding immigrants for ransom, families are forced to repay the amount in exchange for their release.

It will transfer 10,000 refugees to apartments

The Greek government announced a plan to transfer 10,000 refugees from the camps to the apartments before the end of 2017.

Tell Immigration Minister Yannis policy Mozalas members of parliament also that most of the camps in Greece will be closed after the transport.

The minister did not say whether that plan includes the camps located in the islands and in the mainland, or that the plan is only to mainland camps.

More than 3,500 refugees in an attack on Germany in the past year

According to Deutsche Welle: detecting media realize that there are more than 3,500 refugees and an attack on their homes in Germany in 2016, at a rate of approximately 10 attacks per day.

The attacks resulted in the injury of 560 people, including 43 children.

And we broke out about 75 percent of these attacks outside the refugee housing. The report showed that residential centers faced about 1000 attack. The attacks targeted the 217 organization for refugees and volunteers.




Published on 22nd February 2017 at 11:49