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Sites in Greece

This page provides detailed information on sites in Greece to allow for better planning and to address gaps where highlighted. The data will be updated on a weekly basis. All sites are managed by the Greek authorities. Data has been collected from different sources, i.e. UNHCR, site managers, Police etc., and indicators are measured and based on the Sphere standards as outlined below. Data was collected using key informants at the site and direct observation. Population figures are based on estimations at site level.

Frequency of meals: >= 3 meals per day
% Population covered by food distributions: 100%

Distance to nearest health facility: Available or less than 5km away

1 toilet per 20 individuals
1 shower per 50 individuals
1 water tap per 250 individuals
1 hygiene promoter per 1000 individuals

Last update: 17/05/2016

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The insurance funds in Greece9, relating to the most common professions practiced by third-country nationals, are: